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Head-Translator & Proofreader (Financial)
BDSwiss – Cyprus

The Online-Broker BDSwiss hired me as their head-translator and proofreader. Work includes daily forex news, market outlooks, T&Cs, Privacy policies, and app as well as website localization.

Translator & Proofreader (Subtitles)
DotSub – United States of America

Translation and proofreading of subtitles in various genres (e-learning videos, sport courses, business education, software tutorials, B2C videos, etc.). In the year 2020 I worked on subtitling the Adobe MAX presentation for the German market as well as with the company Peloton to subtitle their training videos for the German market. The collaboration with Adobe was continued in 2021 for their “Adobe Summit” online-event.

Translator & Proofreader (Financial)
OctaFX – Cyprus

The Forex-Broker OctaFX hired me to support their team as translator and proofreader for the German market. Work includes daily forex news, app translations, blog articles, company news, and client information.

Translator & Proofreader (Software)
WizCase – Cyprus

The review website for VPNs (and other software), “WizCase”, hired me as translator and proofreader for weekly tasks. Those consist of translations of VPN reviews, software guides, installation tutorials, and program rankings in a blog style manner.

Translator & Proofreader (Software)
Private Internet Access – Great Britain

The collaboration with WizCase lead to the VPN-Provider Private Internet Access asking me to assist them in their translations as well. On several occasions during the month, I translate company news and limited offer pages.

DQF-Editor & Proofreader (E-Commerce)
Wayfair – United States of America

The E-Commerce giant “Wayfair” hired me as DQF-Editor & Proofreader for their German homepage and B2B- as well as B2C-Documents, which is my first step in the process of DQF-Reviews.

Translator (IT)
Richmoore & Anderson LTD – Malta

Worked on translations of articles about online security, IT software support and development, business consultation as well as travel solutions.

Translator (Business)
Bielefeld University/Vecury – Germany

Worked directly with the inventors of several patents regarding the combination of virtual reality and prosthetics. Still helping to localize texts from time to time.

Translator & Proofreader (Various)
Pursuit Translations – Germany

Local agency that provided me with frequent translation projects. Regular clients included: Nestlé, BASF, LifeVantage, and Siemens.

Translator (General)
LimeBike – United States of America

Localized the service and app of LimeBikes (a rental company for e-scooters) for the German market.

Head-Translator & Proofreader (Financial)
AvaTrade – Ireland

The Online-Broker AvaTrade hired me as their head-translator and proofreader. Work included daily crypto-news, market outlooks, and app localization.

Translator (Novels)
Relay Publishing – Great Britain

The publisher works completely with freelancers only (from authors over cover designers to translators) and provided me with at least one short novel every 3 months, this collaboration strengthened my freewriting abilities and understanding of literacy translations in a great manner.

Translator & Proofreader (Consumer electronics)
Bang & Olufsen – Denmark

Translation of the complete support homepage of the luxurious consumer electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Worked on manuals for headphones, TVs, remotes, and speakers.

Translator (official documents)
Daniel Crucitti – Italy

Translation of visa letters, birth certificates, CVs and application letters from time to time.
Translator (Amazon Alexa Skill), 01/2018 – 04/2018

Jeff Bolton (VoiceApps LLC) – United States of America

Worked on the localization and translation of various Skills for Amazon’s Alexa. Work included translation of a sleeping sounds skill and a “who wants to be a millionaire” skill.


Legal studies: 2013 – 2018
Friedrich Alexander University – Erlangen, BY, Germany
C1 Certificate: 2016
Friedrich Alexander University – Erlangen, BY, Germany
A-Levels: 2013
Sigmund Schuckert Gymnasium – Nuremberg, BY, Germany