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Legal und Marketing Translation Services by Nextlevel Translations


Hi, welcome to my page, my name is Nicholas Hirschmann and I’m an English to German freelance translator. My connection to English began in my pre-school years were I started to partake in voluntary English courses. In the beginning of 2017 this natural interest turned into my new profession as professional translator. Sadly a lot of people think that you only need to know two languages and viola you can work as a translator. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course it’s mandatory to be flawless in both the source and the target language. But you also need to be a good writer in the target language to convey they meaning in a appealing manner. One key risk is sticking too much to the source text.This will cause your translation (albeit grammatically, factually and formally correct) to sound like a translated text and not like it was written in the target language. This makes the whole text sound “off”, distracts the reader and – in the worst case – may reflect on the reputation on your company. I know it may be appealing to use “cheap” (or free) translators but it isn’t worth the financial loss in the long run when your project lacks professionalism and won’t connect with the reader.

Apart from creating high-quality work, treating my clients with the respect and kindness they deserve is an integral part of my work philosophy. I always treat my clients as close partners and am open for any suggestions, on top of that I work for them as if their projects were ones of my very own.

I’m not only a C1-certified English speaker, I also studied laws at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen which gives me the ability to work with long, komplex texts in the business/financial/laws segment. If you want to get to know me better, just click here.

As for now I just thank you for visiting my homepage and wish you a nice day.

Nicholas Hirschmann